Photo Intensive Budapest

Budapest turned out to be a major highlight of our trip so far. We spent nine crazy days in there, half the time looking for a new place to stay and moving there in the middle of the night. Still, the vibe of the place didn’t allow us much rest as we fell in love with the city’s architecture, happenings and efficient public transportation. 😀

Armed with our camera, we went out exploring every day. This post is the photo intensive result of that. So less talk, more pictures. Here we go… Continue reading “Photo Intensive Budapest”

5+ Things to do in Cluj-Napoca

Previously you found us jumping from one place to another like crazy. Cancelled plans and bad luck left us with very little time to rest and just be, so we looked forward to the quiet week and a half of kitty-sitting that we expected to find in Cluj. Continue reading “5+ Things to do in Cluj-Napoca”

5+ Things to do in Bucharest

The Shortlist:

Things we enjoyed
1. The Village Museum
2. Bucharest Walkabout Free Tours
3. Bellu Cemetery
4. A private tour to the Chitila Fort
5. Carousel bookstore and cafe

Things we don’t recommend
1. The Parliament house tour
2. The La Mama restaurants

Here we go. First post, yay etc. Continue reading “5+ Things to do in Bucharest”