Pictures from Maramureș

We met Marius and Oana, his wife, in their cluj home and shortly after we began the long 128km drive to Maramureș. Doesn’t sound long right? But with the condition of Romanian roads and the rough terrain of the county, it takes about 3 hours. It seemed that the further away we got from Cluj, the more the touch of the 21th century was disappearing. The style of the villages, the way the people dress, and of course the way the hay is collected. Continue reading “Pictures from Maramureș”

5 Towns in 6 Days

Previously, you found us leaving Magura. Thinking to make our first Workaway host happy, we ended up taking a couple of young rabbits from Vila Hermani. That didn’t turn out so well, but we didn’t know what a bumpy ride was expecting us this week… Continue reading “5 Towns in 6 Days”

Hay Season

Summer in the Romanian countryside is all about hay. Is it the right time to cut it? Is it dry enough to turn? And most importantly, will it be safely stacked before rain ruins everything? Each area uses different techniques for each process. For the bigger fields in flatter areas they use modern machinery. But we came to Magura, a picturesque mountain village, where old traditions still thrive. Continue reading “Hay Season”