Photo Intensive Budapest

Budapest turned out to be a major highlight of our trip so far. We spent nine crazy days in there, half the time looking for a new place to stay and moving there in the middle of the night. Still, the vibe of the place didn’t allow us much rest as we fell in love with the city’s architecture, happenings and efficient public transportation. 😀

Armed with our camera, we went out exploring every day. This post is the photo intensive result of that. So less talk, more pictures. Here we go…

The metro of Budapest was built in unusual pulses, starting in the turn of the 19th century, then during the communist 80’s, and a new line that was opened on 2014. We had lots of fun passing the hot hours capturing frames in some of the more interesting stations.

Welcome to the underworld of Budapest
The yellow line has a victorian feeling to it

The blue communist line (soon to be renovated)

And the modern green line

Liberty bridge – Szabadság híd
On the summer of 2016 the bridge was closed for traffic for some construction work, and the good people of the city took advantage of the situation. Spontaneous events sprouted about, like yoga classes, live music shows, and beer drinking at sunset. The city council saw the light and decided on a new tradition: a few weekends every summer the bridge will again belong to people instead of cars. During our weekend there we managed to capture what it looks like.

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Sunset is coming

Central Market Hall – Nagy Vásárcsarnok
Right next to Liberty bridge lives another late 19th century gem. The central market hall is mainly a tourist trap where it comes to shopping, but the classical structure is one of the city’s highlights, both inside and out.

Cast iron for the masses.
The second floor had interesting traditional foods, but in tourist pricing.

Inner Yards
One of Noa’s favorite pass-times during our walks was to find open inner yards in the 19th century style, and charge in like she knows what she’s doing to inspect their design and take a few pictures. We also got to stay in one of those buildings, so we took the opportunity to do a longer shoot there.

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Architecture of the city
Budapest has some famous and photo-worthy monuments that you can find in any touristic guide\site you’ll check. But we mostly enjoyed walking around random streets, capturing architectural details and the endless amount of statues.

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Angels in the sky

When they count the number of statues in a city, do they count the ones on building separately? O_O

Fiume Graveyard
Obviously, we also went to check the local graveyard. In a way, we were somewhat disappointed with it. On the one hand there are plenty of beautiful gravestones and statues. However, someone clearly made sure they were all gathered in specific places, so that took all the fun and mystery out of our Angel Hunting hobby… Still, we could spend there hours enjoying the stone and metalwork.

Click gallery for better viewing.

We definitely plan on returning to Budapest. There’s so much more we want to experience there, and photograph… But that will have to wait for a different season, one with less degrees and more clouds. So for now we say Auf Wiedersehen to Budapest, as we made it to Vienna, our next destination. Hugs for everyone, and see you next week…

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