5 Towns in 6 Days

Previously, you found us leaving Magura. Thinking to make our first Workaway host happy, we ended up taking a couple of young rabbits from Vila Hermani. That didn’t turn out so well, but we didn’t know what a bumpy ride was expecting us this week…

Since we missed the Thursday noon train from Brașov so Sighișoara, we looked at the map for alternate routes. A minibus showed up that could take us to Făgăraș. On the map, the road from there to Sighișoara seems an easy one. Google Maps claimed an hour and something worth of car ride. Not too bad, we thought. We can hitchhike that distance easily. Heavy with our own bags and extra two bunnies, we shoved our way into the crowded transit, and driving through every tiny village on the way, we arrived in Făgăraș after more than an hour.

Preparing for a quick stop, we thought to grab a bite, then walk up to the main road leaving town. As it turned out, what seems like a decent way out was actually a road hardly ever used. So we walked endlessly back and forth, with our heavy bags, with two bunnies in boxes, trying to figure out a way to leave the cursed town. Realizing it’s getting late and we might be stuck there, we sent an apology to our host. No chance we’ll make it all the way to Cund today…

As seen on Instagram, attempting hitchhiking in Făgăraș.

In the spur of the moment, I tried to send a last moment couch-request to a couchsurfer, who previously seemed nice but unable to host us, in Sibiu. Luckily, she could have us that night, bunnies and all, and even offered to drive us from the train station. So we trudged along to the train station in Făgăraș, where we waited and waited for the last direct train to Sibiu.


The clown church of Sibiu is happy to see you.

Might as well see Sibiu, since we’re here anyway… So we spent an unplanned Friday in town, enjoying Ada’s family cats who were friendly (and curious about the bunnies), letting the bunnies get some grazing time, and walking around the old city. Had we no previous engagement, we’d totally have stayed longer. We felt so welcome there!

Kitty is curious about the caged bunnies.

Later that day we took another train to where our Cund host could pick us up and finally accept his bunnies. Our long journey was finally over, and we expected two weeks of quiet farm life with Christian and Anda. But you know what we said about planning ahead?

At first Cund seemed sort of okay. We knew the space they had for us needed work done before it was decent, and we were ready to do it. But more urgent tasks were abound, and we found ourselves vigorously learning new skills, like pealing wood, lifting hay bales, and cleaning donkey dung. When we asked about fixing the space we stayed at, it seemed so far away down the priority list that we realized we should expect to live with a flooded bathroom smelling of sewer, which in turn stank the whole house, and no WiFi or mobile signal, for the entire two weeks. Seriously, what now?!

Acquiring skillz, and some muscles.

The lame sheep in the back yard was indeed a metaphor for the place. Everything seemed a little bit off. Whenever you tried to do something there wasn’t time, or the tools were out of reach, or it was broken and fixed half-assedly. This permanent sense of frustration started to depress us. More than that, while we like helping, and sharing our skills and experience, working for a guy who decided to ignore those skills and disregard our willingness to help, as well as our basic needs, felt pretty shitty.

In the end, having to climb a hill in the cold and dark, standing among electric fences and animal faeces, hoping the mobile signal holds while we uploaded our previous post… That was the last straw. So after two days, when we were more or less invited to do so, we decided to leave.

Alone in the dark.

The only thing worth doing in Cund, if you ever find yourself nearby, is getting cheese and fresh local cow milk and products in Manufactura de Brânză. Istvan the owner is an actually nice person who loves what he’s doing, and likes doing it well. On Monday morning he even gave us a ride all the way to the train station so we could get out of that god forsaken place.

Istvan is pouring us fresh milk that was milked not an hour ago.

Having no concrete plan and sudden free time on our hands we decided to take the train to Sighișoara – a town we thought we might miss this time around. It is yet another town with an old city-center, but something about it inspired us to take a ton of pictures. Unlike previous places we saw, here the colorful buildings stand on different heights and create interesting compositions that attracted our attention.

Being a nomad also comes with frustrating experiences, like getting derailed or being stuck with unpleasant people. But we try to learn from all those experiences so next time we might know better. And it definitely makes us appreciate more the good people we encounter on the way.

We stayed in Sighișoara one night, and hitched a ride online to reach Cluj. Through a friend-of-a-friend Shay found us a place to stay and kitty-sit for an entire week and a half. After almost a week of being constantly on the move, could we really finally rest? I sure hope so…

Mila of Cluj is supervising Shay’s rest.

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